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Co Share is your fast track to success.

The increase in self-employed workers is causing an explosion in the demand for coworking spaces. CO Share offers independent entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups the opportunity to work in a common and collaborative way.

From a cash flow perspective, the flexibility of the coworking space allows start-ups that are growing to have the opportunity to have additional employees and memberships, avoiding start-up costs and fewer responsibilities.

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increase in coworking spaces per year.


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of coworking enthusiasts per year.

Main benefits of being part of the CO Share community.

  • Co-sharing makes it easier to start a new business
  • Coworking is ideal for starting low-cost start-ups
  • Working in an office with a group of like-minded people
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and synergy through interaction
  • Simplification of accounting and tax preparation
  • One monthly bill to pay
  • The necessary separation and balance between work and personal life
  • Being part of a community offers positive social interactions
  • Ideal for networking
  • Membership agreements establish space options for use
  • Fees, rules and any other legal aspects that govern the supplier / member relationship
  • Flexible, practical and professional work environment that promotes productivity

Let CO Share be part of your success.

The core values ​​of shared sharing are community, openness, collaboration, sustainability, accessibility and flexibility.

The premises of CO Share offer all the above in a quiet, peaceful and environmentally friendly.